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Benson Lodge is a small family farm of 30 acres situated near the Takitimu Mountains.

My name is Belinda and I am the Founder and Director of Benson Lodge Botanics which developed from a 

need to find a substitute to the steroid creams I had to use on my skin on a daily basis and the knowledge I am gaining from working towards a “Higher International Diploma in Naturopathy”.

All products are in recyclable packaging and sourced from sustainable sources. We have even started growing our own plants and will have a new lab by mid next year so that we can manufacture our own oils and hydrosols of the freshest and highest quality.



When I formulate a skincare product I start with what I want to use it for and then decide what benefits I need it to have to make it effective. Once I've decided the benefits I mindfully select the medicinal plants that give the required effect and then formulate with natural ingredients suitable for sensitive skin and work from there.

Once I have made the successful batch (and trust me there are normally a few before I get there) I put the product through stability testing to determine the shelf life and get certainty that there will be no bacterial growth.

After the product has come out of stability testing it goes into consumer testing where I myself and a group of people test the product for effectiveness. You may see from time to time where I don't have a large enough group I will post on my Facebook page to look for testers. Wherever possible I always try to fill my groups with people who don't have a personal relationship with me to get the most honest feedback.

Providing that the results from all of the above are satisfactory I will release the product for sale. As you can imagine this whole process can take anywhere from 3-6 months per product which can be frustrating for me but I feel it is of the most importance to ensure the safety and efficiency of the products.