Coco caprylate

What is it?

Coco caprylate is derived from the fatty acids and fatty alcohols from coconut.

I would also like to mention at this point that it has never been tested on animals which is a big plus when picking ingredients for my formulations!

For it to be made it is first hydrolysed which means they use water to create a reaction and break it down into fatty acids and glycerol. The fatty acids then go through distillation to separate them into their different types C8 Caprylic acid and C10 Capric acid ( You can learn more about them in this article ) and then re esterified them with the glycerol.

If you are wondering what re esterified means you can read more about it here

I made sure I understood this process before using this ingredient because just being naturally derived doesn't make it natural in my eyes if it is still undergoing a strong chemically based action to achieve it.

When it comes to ingredients in a formulation they are chosen to serve a purpose and in the case of this one it is as an emollient which means that it protects and moisturises.

What is it used for?

Coco caprylate is a natural ingredient used as in formulations to protect and moisturise. Natural derived moisturises are often used in place of synthetic silicones and are often easier to handle than its volatile synthetic alternatives as well as being biodegradable it easily emulsifies (blends with other ingredients) and offers a low grease feel that leaves a comfortable film on the skin/hair to help keep hydration

Who shouldn't use it?

Nothing is 100% safe for 100% of people, there will always be someone who is so super sensitive they have a reaction but if you were to use something this would be the least irritating emollient I am aware of. In the rare circumstance that you do react just stop using it.

What do I use it in?

I use Coco caprylate in both of our Shampoo bars because it emulsifies well with the other ingredients I use and makes sure after you have washed your hair it isn't left stripped of moisture and helps to protect your hair meaning less split ends.

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