Conditioner Pellets

What are conditioner pellets?

Conditioner Pellets are a conditioning agent and emulsifier which means not only does it condition your hair but it also helps the other ingredients in the formulation blend together and stay blended.

It is derived from vegetable oils, while many use Palm oil bases I have sourced one with a coconut base (Mainly because I hate the over farming of Palm and I love Gorillas and rainforests)

It comes in different strengths, BTMS-25 & BTMS-50, the difference between the two is that the BTMS-25 has 25% behentrimonium methosulfate (which is not actually a sulphate as its name would indicate rather an ingredient derived from rapeseed which is included for its conditioning and detangling properties) and the BTMS-50 has 50% behentrimonium methosulfate.

Why do I use them?

I use BTMS-50 because the whole point of having conditioner pellets is that they condition and help detangle hair, moisturising each strand gently while preventing any scalp build up so why use an ingredient with less of these properties?

Conditioner pellets are surprisingly versatile and are not only used in hair conditioners but can also be found in hand, nail, face and body creams as well as exfoliants and scrubs and is often included in these types of formulations because of its emulsifying and conditioning powers.

Who shouldn't use it?

It is extremely unlikely that you will react to it although this ingredient because it is naturally derived from coconut.

If you were to experience any kind of irritation of the scalp, hands or down your back though immediately discontinue use.

What do I use it in?

I use conditioning pellets in both the oily and dry versions of the Conditioner Bar.

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