What is it?

When it comes to writing an ingredient list there are a couple of rules around how legislation requires us to do this.

One of them is having to include the INCI name (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient) these names are internationally recognized to identify cosmetic ingredients.

I generally follow these with the common name of the ingredient in brackets beside so that you can more easily identify what the ingredient actually is.

When it comes to Geogard you will see the INCI name "Benzyl Alcohol" & "Dehydroacetic Acid" this sounds pretty scary but actually it is a combination of a naturally occurring food additive "glucono delta lactone" which is made from corn and a food grade preservative and "Sodium benzoate" which is a sodium salt.

So it isn't 100% natural but it is derived from natural ingredients which makes it the closest to a decent natural preservative you can get.

Geogards works by slowly releasing gluconic acid over time, which preserves against various bacteria's and fungus.

Why do I use it?

The main reason I use this product is because when you use ingredients when you formulate that include a water component you have to include a preservative if you want it to last any longer than a few days and still be safe to put on your face.

Lets be honest here, we use moisturisers to try and be good to our skin, the last thing we want is to be rubbing bacteria all over our face.

Geogard is the only product of its type that I am aware of that is certified by Ecocert & Cosmos as a preservative in certified organic cosmetics. Many other brands use parabens or formaledyde releasers to try and get the same preservative effect I can with Geogard

On top of that I like the following benefits on the ingredient:

What do I use it in?

All of the products in the slider images below, click on the image to be taken to the full product information page.

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