Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential oil is produced by steam distillation and is an herb that has golden flowers that have been used for its health and skincare benefits since the ancient Greeks.

Because of the amazing benefits this oil provides for our skin it is also referred to as the Everlasting flower and gets its Latin name from the Greek word "helios" which means sun and "chrysos" which means gold which is really just describing its flowers.

I choose to use this ingredient in our Cleansing Oil, Moisturiser and Treatment Serum because of the amazing benefits it has to offer such as:

  1. Wound Healing

  2. Skin Inflammation

  3. Infections

  4. Acne

  5. Anti-aging

Skin inflammation

Helichrysum has been used to treat skin inflammation for centuries.

One laboratory study shows that Helichrysum has anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for reducing inflammation of the skin.

Wound healing

In 2016 a study was done which found that essential oils combined with antibiotics were more effective than antibiotics alone in preventing infection in skin wounds.

Skin infections can happen for many reasons, in fact recently I myself have had one which was originally caused from working in my husbands Joinery workshop and wearing a dust mask that clearly had something in the fabric I was allergic too and was aggravated more by the dust in the workshop itself. While the treatment serum largely kept it under control and many of you probably didn't notice it, after 6 months I decided I needed orthodox medicine as well and have recently been put on antibiotics for it. The combination of the two is definitely making a difference for me and brings to light the subject of orthodox and natural medicine. While I also why try to prevent skin and health issues naturally there are always times when you still need to see a Dr and I by no means am suggesting that natural is the ONLY way.


Helichrysum is best known for its antibacterial effects. Studies have been conducted that suggest Helichrysum essential oil may be able to stop or slow the growth of a range of bacteria.


Helichrysum essential oil treats acne. This study done in 2009 talks about how the same antibacterial effects of the oil are also beneficial for treating acne. I am lucky enough to never have really had an issue with acne myself, I find that my range has been amazing at keeping them away.


Collagen and elastin are two components of our skin which allow it to return to its original shape when it is stretched and pulled. When our skin is well-nourished with these proteins, it becomes naturally smooth, firm, and supple and we look younger.

But as we all know, our skin’s components degrade as we age and the more we get exposed to sunlight and harsh elements.

Research has found that Helichrysum essential oil reduces the collagen attacking compounds which protects our skins integrity and elasticity resulting in an anti-aging effect.

Knowing all of this why wouldn't you want to try it out!

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