Lactic Acid

What is it?

Lactic Acid is a naturally occurring organic acid known as "Alpha-hydroxy Acids" (AHA's)

If you look on the ingredients of your hair products you will find it included in most of them.

Sometimes Lactic Acid is produced synthetically however the supplier I use sources the natural version which is made from fermented corn.

Did you know that it is know to have been used as far back as the days of Cleopatra who used to use it in the form of sour milk in her baths?

Why do I use it?

AHA's are perfect for use in Shampoos because:

  • Smooths dry hair making it easier to manage.

  • Cleans away dirt and other hair care products without stripping the hair of moisture.

  • It is a milder alternative to Glycolic Acid better for those with sensitive scalps

  • Gently exfoliates your scalp

  • Helps to kill any bad bacteria in your scalp reducing the risk of infections

There have been many studies on the benefits of Lactic Acid for hair but my favourite is this one which was done on men suffering alopecia areta which proves that it works for achieving a better rate of hair growth.

What do I use it in?

I use Lactic acid in both our Shampoo bars, I'm not sure if you have met me but I only use my own products and I have the longest healthiest hair I have ever had. In fact I only bother going to the hairdresser like twice a year and I am still to find split ends!

Something else I want to mention is that what lead me to formulating the hair bars range was not just the fact that I hate throwing away so many plastic bottles but because the shampoos I was using were giving me psoriasis on my scalp and a rash that went down my back. It took me ages to find something that worked, initially I just read the ingredients on the back of the bottles and then would swap to something else after I reacted trying to find a pattern with the ingredients. In the end my Dr gave me this awful liquid to pour on my scalp which just stunk of chemicals and a cream for my rash. This wasn't good enough for me, it wasn't fixing the problem and if you know me you will know that I am very chemically sensitive so I figured I would learn to formulate a natural bar that looked after my scalp and skin as well as my hair because if your scalp isn't healthy you are never going to have healthy hair.

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