Lemon Myrtle - Backhousia citriodora

Updated: Jun 27

Did you know Lemon Myrtle is one of Australia's most popular native herbs and the Indigenous people there have used it traditionally for around 40'000 years?

They used to inhale it to treat headaches and also turn it into a poultice to help heal their wounds and as an insect repellent by burning it on their campfires and on top of that, because it just has a great taste, they also used it to flavour their food.

Tulsi/Holy Basil - Ocimum tenuiflorum
Holy Basil

What is Lemon Myrtle used for?


When you come into contact with harmful bacteria they reproduce in your body and can damage your bodies tissues causing disease and illness such as strep throat making you feel ill.

This study shows that Lemon Myrtle is effective as an Anti-bacterial making it helpful for infections of the lungs, bowel, throat and skin.


With inflammatory conditions your immune system mistakenly attacks your bodies own cells or tissues which result in pain, redness and swelling where it wouldn't normally be present, the other cause of inflammation is simply an injury. Either way this study shows that Lemon Myrtle contains Anti-inflammatory properties which is great news if you hate popping pills all the time.

Colds & Flu

Because Lemon Myrtle has such powerful Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-bacterial compounds it is very useful for treating sore throats, especially if you let the tea cool and then use it as a gargle. If you manage to get your hands on a tincture this will work better because not only will the Lemon Myrtle work its magic but the alcohol content in the tincture will also help kill the bacteria.

Insect Repellent

One of the best ways to repel insects which you are probably aware of is by using Citral containing oils which comes from several different types of plants however Lemon Myrtle has been proven to be the highest source available according to This study .

The great news about having it on hand as a repellent is that if you do get bitten it is also great applied to your bites to reduce chance of bacterial infection and reduce inflammation.

Balances Blood Sugar

There have been quite a few studies done on this theory but this study is my favourite one. Citral one of the main components found in Lemon Myrtle was shown to not only provide a reduction in body weight gain but that the participants of the study also had lower fasting glucose levels, improved glucose tolerance and a higher metabolic rate when they were taking Citral.

The Citral content in Lemon Myrtle has been found to be far more superior than from Tea Tree or even a Lemon!

Normally I only talk about the benefits of an herb that are scientifically proven and I'll always link through to copies of the formal study documents to back up what I'm saying.

The thing is we are all still learning and there are actually many herbs that are being used medicinally even though there is no evidence to back this up apart from what has worked for people traditionally. This isn't to say that the benefit is not there, just that nobody has invested the time and money into investigating and proven either way whether these claims are true.

Many people also claim that Lemon Myrtle is also Anti-viral and an antioxidant.

Who shouldn't consume Lemon Myrtle?

As with everything just because its natural doesn't mean its good for everyone to consume.

While it has many health benefits it should not be taken at all by anyone who has low blood pressure or blood circulation disorders, are pregnant or breastfeeding or is a child.

What do I use it in?

Anti-Inflammatory Tea - Most people that have inflammation problems take over the counter or prescription medication either in the form of pain killers or anti-inflammatories. Regardless of which you may of chosen, long term use of these is incredibly hard on your stomach and can potentially lead to ulcers. Opting to try our Anti inflammatory Tea as a first measure can help prevent the need for this synthetic medication and doing this damage. For best effects drink 2-3 cups a day as needed.

Cold & Flu Tea - You don't need to wait until you get sick to sip away at this tasty tea. A large part of what I believe and practice is prevention ahead of everything else. Come winter and cold and flu season drinking a cup of this tea a day will help boost your immune system and prevent your chances of picking up a cold or flu.

If you still manage to catch one, bump the dose up to 3 cups a day and this will lessen the severity of your symptoms.

Immune Boost Tea- Give your body the best chance to combat illness by building your immune system up with some power packed herbs including the antibacterial, Lemon Myrtle.

Men's Tea - This tea has been formulated to help support the health of the prostate and men's reproductive system. Lemon Myrtle is useful in this blend for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties

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