St Johns Wort Infused Oil

Saint Johns Wort Plant in flower
Saint Johns Wort Plant

What is Saint Johns Wort?

St Johns wort goes by the Latin name Hypericum perforatum which is a herb that produces beautiful yellow flowers which are used along with its leaves . A Latin name for a plant is made up of two parts the first represents its Genus or generic name and the second which is always spelt starting with a lower case represents the specific name of that generic type. In this case the name Hypericum represents a large and widely distributed genus of herbs or shrubs that are characterized by their showy yellow flowers.

It originally got its name due to the fact that it flowers at the time of summer solstice on or around St Johns day on 24th June in Rome and was widely used as a remedy by the Roman military doctor who went by the name of Proscurides back in the 1st century AD.

The Christian community believe Saint Johns Wort flowers with their five petals that resemble a halo and represented the sun and the Christian Saint John who is said to symbolise light.

What are its benefits?

  • It can be effective in treating depression according to this study

  • Can be effective at treating bruises, wounds, burns and sores according to this study

Saint Johns Wort Infused OIl
Saint Johns Wort Infused OIl

Who Shouldn't use it?

You should not apply Saint Johns Wort topically if you:

  • Have a condition such as Lupus

  • Are taking medication that can cause photo sensitivity

As with anything always conduct a patch test first to ensure you wont have an allergic reaction.

The contradictions for taking Saint Johns Wort internally are quite different, none of our products would require you to do this but if you have this offered to you from somewhere else make sure you ask that question first.

What do I use it in?

At this stage the only product we use this in is our Joint and Muscle rub, very soon we will be releasing an Joint & Muscle massage oil which it will be included in also.

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