Vegetable Glycerin

What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

Glycerin, also known as glycerol or glycerine, is a clear liquid typically made from soybean, coconut or palm oils. Rest assured I my Vegetable oil has NOT come from Palm! It only became economically and industrially significant in the late 1800s when it was first used to make dynamite. Vegetable glycerin is made by heating triglyceride-rich vegetable fats (ours is from coconut oil) under pressure or together with a strong alkali. This causes the glycerin to split away from the fatty acids and mix together with water, forming an odorless, sweet-tasting, syrup-like liquid. Did you know you can find vegetable glycerin in toothpaste? It helps prevent the toothpaste from drying out or hardening in the tube.

Why do I use it?

May Moisturize Skin

Vegetable glycerin holds an amazing moisturising power. This research shows that applying it to your skin may gradually improve its smoothness and suppleness. This article shows that using creams containing glycerin may increase skin hydration in as few as 10 days. In one study, a cream made from glycerin was more effective than those made from silicone oil or hyaluronic acid at hydrating skin and preventing loss of moisture.

This study shows that adding glycerin to bath water is effective at improving skin moisture which protects against irritation.

May Promote Skin Health

Because of the above reasons this Vegetable glycerin may lead to better skin health because it helps sooth irritation and protect against infection which promotes wound healing. This study talks about how it protects your skin from irritants and microbes and soothes inflamed skin.

Who shouldn't use it?

There aren't many people who have a problem with applying this topically or even ingesting it. That being said there are always exceptions to the rule so if you have never used anything with it in it as I would recommend with trying any new product, do a patch test first because while it is rare some people to react to it.

What do I use it in?

Moisturising Cream

Knowing the above benefits how could you not include it in a moisturiser and if you read the blogs on Frankincense and Hemp Seed Oil as well you will soon realise the true benefits of our moisturising cream.

It comes in two sizes, 100ml and 60ml and is included in the skincare starter set.

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