Toner - 50ml

Toner - 50ml


Designed for sensitive skin. it helps protect your skin, prevents wrinkles and smooths fine lines while evening your skin tone and cleaning the last of any cleaner residue. Using only plant derived ingredients this product is free from nasty chemicals and synthetic materials.

After cleansing to use as a toner spray a cotton pad until wet and wipe across your face until it comes up clear. This will help prepare your skin to better absorb your moisturiser.

  • Ingredients

    Frankincense Hydrosol - (Boswellia Carteri)

    Produced from the water steam distillation of the Bosweilla Tree Resin

    Disinfects wounds, stops itching and aids in the healing of Eczema and Psoriasis and acne.

    Chamomile Hydrosol - (Matricaria Recutita) 

    Produced from the water steam distillation of the German Chamomile plant

    Soothes skin conditions that are hot and red, including itching and burning and chaffed. Very calming on the skin.

    Geogard 221 - (Benzyl Alcohol & Dehydroacetic Acid)

    Broad Spectrum Preservative approved by Ecocert for use in Organic products

    Stops bacteria getting into your product making it last and work

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